Pigmy Deposit

Daily Deposit - A Unique saving schemes for daily income earners

A unique savings scheme wherein, the daily income earners can park their surplus funds with attractive returns.

We understand our customers that they are busy with their works and don’t have time to a bank to deposit money or make a saving. We have area wise agent to collect the pigmy amount on daily basis.

Features & Benefits:

  A Pigmy Deposit A/c may be opened by any person, individual, and company.
  Daily or regular deposit.
  Our representative will come to your doorsteps.
  Our representative will collect the pre-fixed amount.
  Our representative will give you printed receipt for the amount on the spot.
  Our representative will give you services at your doorstep like loan repayment before maturity payment, etc. as per our terms & conditions.
  Pigmy deposit can be a very small amount e.g. Rs 50/- per day, this makes you to save as per your capacity from your daily income.
  It helps to improve your monetary stake.
  Premature closure with applicable penal cuts possible
  TDS applicable as per the extant IT guidelines.
  Nomination Facility available

Who can open?:

  Individuals jointly with other Individuals
  For Minor Individuals by Guardian
  Sole proprietary concerns
  Joint stock companies
  Any other entities as permitted by RBI

How to Open?:

  Daily Deposits can be opened by visiting our branch.

Rates & Charges:

  Interest charged on daily product basis and credited in quarterly rests. (Present rate is 3.5%).
  Please visit Deposit interest rates page for details.
  Please visit Service charges page for more details.