Gold Overdraft

Easy and hassle free loan to enhance your business


  Working capital finance for Traders
  Working capital finance for manufactures.
  Working capital finance for Service providers

Features & Benefits :

  Easy and hassle-free loan process.
  Over Draft Facility allows you that extra spending power which can come very handy in business

Eligibility :

 Individuals having satisfactory dealings with the Bank
  Loan will be granted after getting the jewels duly appraised by the jewel appraiser engaged by the Bank.

Limit & Margin :


  Minimum Limit Rs.50,000/-
  Maximum Rs.10 lakhs


  Maximum Limit permissible is 75% of Market Value or Appraised value of Gold Ornaments pledged, whichever is less, subject to the per gram lending rate fixed by the Bank from time to time.

Security :

  Pledge of Gold ornaments
  Only 22 carat Gold will be accepted as security.

Repayment :

  Tenable for Two years, subject to annual review