Car Loan

We make sure that your dream car gets the maximum mileage with our competitive loan rates. So hop on for a smooth ride with this facility.

Purpose :

  For acquiring Own Vehicle (Four wheeler) – New or Old – *for personal / Partners / Director’s / Trustee’s use, & not for any Commercial use. [Undertaking to be furnished]


  Individual/s, salaried employees, Businessmen, Self-employed, Professionals having regular source of income.
*Firm (Proprietary/Partnership), Pvt. / Public Ltd. Co. / Reg. Trust.

Maximum Limit :

  Minimum Rs.1,00,000/-
  New Vehicles: 100% on Basic Invoice Cost of Vehicles (excluding RTO, registration, tax & insurance)
  Pre-owned Vehicles (not older than 3 years):
  80% of valuation or Agreement value whichever is less.


  Hypothecation of the Vehicle financed. .

Margin :

  New Vehicles:
  NIL (RTO, Registration, Tax & Insurance to be borne by Applicant)
  Pre-owned Vehicles:
  @ 20% of valuation or Agreement value whichever is less.

Documents Required :

  Loan application.
  Residential proof of Applicant and sureties.
  Certified Balance sheet and Profit & Loss A/c. Statements of the borrowers and sureties other than salaried persons.
  Income Tax Returns of last three years of the Borrower(s) and the sureties.