Cash Recyclers (CRs)

  Experience convenience of Cash Deposits even after Banking Hours
  Deposit, Withdraw Cash Anytime with our Cash Recycler Machine

The Cash Recycler machine (CR) is a self-service terminal that lets you and me to make deposit and withdrawal transactions of cash. All successful transactions are immediately credited or debited in real time and customers will be issued an acknowledgment slip confirming the transaction. A person having Debit Card can use the CR machine for withdrawal, however to use the CR machine for depositing the Cash, customers need to have his/her Suvarnayug Bank debit card. The transaction receipt also gives you your updated account balance. Some of the salient features of this product are:.

  Cash recyclers are able to accept cash from customers and dispense as well.
  Machines are supported with Bill Validation Technology to ensure genuineness of currency.
  Counterfeit Recognition and retention (as per RBI Note Authentication and fitness Sorting parameters) with accuracy along with 100% trace for serial number of the currency notes to the account of the customers, i.e. all counterfeit notes that are rejected/not given value can be traced to the customer accounts.
  Cash deposit with debit card up to Rs.2, 00,000/- (2 Lacs) per day in Saving Account & Rs. 3, 00,000/- (3 Lacs) per day in Current & CC/OD Account where PAN is registered and Rs.49, 999/- where PAN is not registered in account.
  Customer can also deposit cash into their recurring deposit account (Limit will be monthly installment)
  If customer deposits over the permissible limit then the RECYCLER rejects the transaction and notes are presented back to the customer.
  Upon Cash deposit, RECYCLER counts the notes and displays the count denomination wise and the total amount inserted in RECYCLER for deposit, Customer has to confirm the same.
  Fake note, Suspicious Note is impounded and receipt will be given to the customer.
  Torne/Mutilated/Taped notes are not accepted by this machine.
  The machines will accept the Rupee notes in the denominations of 2000, 500, 200, 100
  Other bank customers can also use SSBL cash recycler, however at present they can use only for cash withdrawal facility.
  Cash Withdrawal will be supported for NFS/VISA/MasterCard network on Cash Recycler.
  Loan & Fixed Deposit Accounts are not supported.
  Cash can NOT be deposited in In-active accounts.

Other services available on cash recycler:

  Normal Cash Withdrawal
  Fast Cash Withdrawal
  Green PIN
  Balance Enquiry
  Mini Statement
  PIN Change
  Inter Branch Fund Transfer