APBS (AADHAR Card Linking)

Aadhaar is a valid Know your Customer (KYC) document to open bank accounts. We have launched the facility of Aadhaar number linking with saving accounts.

Benefits of AADHAR Card Linking -

  1. Direct credit of subsidies from government (LPG, Kerosene etc)
  2. Direct credit of welfare funds, pensions, scholarships etc. from government.

Steps for AADHAR linking to Bank Account

1. For Existing Accounts

 Provide a self-attested Xerox copy of the AADHAR card
 Fill the Mandate form to link the Account to Government Subsidy payment through AADHAR Number.

2. For New Accounts

 Open a Savings Account with us
 Give self-attested AADHAR card Xerox as the Identity proof along with other identity document
 Fill Mandate Form to link your account to Government Subsidy through AADHAR Number.

  3. Customers who have not yet applied AADHAR Card can also link bank account number while applying for AADHAR card.
  4. Customer who have applied for AADHAR card but not in receipt of AADHAR Number / Card
  Give your Aadhaar Letter or Aadhaar Acknowledgment receipt copy to Bank for existing account or customer can open new account with this Aadhaar letter.