ATM Facility

Suvarnayug Bank ATM makes it easy and convenient for you to bank 24 hours a day. We ensure that you are never too far from an Suvarnayug Bank ATM. User-friendly graphic screens and easy to follow instructions in a choice of local languages, makes ATM Banking with Suvarnayug Bank a smooth experience.

Features and Benefits:

  To meet the needs of a modern day lifestyle.
  To access your account from anywhere & anytime.
  Your bank account in your pouch.
  Enjoy the benefits up to allowable limits on your card.
  No need to visit the branch or no need to carry cash.
  User friendly ATM screen:
     a. PIN CHANGE
     c. FAST CASH
  Enjoy the benefits up to allowable limits on your card.

Few Important Tips to ATM card holders :

  Please do not disclose your PIN to anyone.
  Once you receive your PIN through branch or mail memorizes and destroys it as soon as possible.
  Please do not give possession of your card to other and do not enter PIN is the presence of others.
  In case the card is stolen or lost. Please report the nearest police station and do call on fixed line or fax immediately.
  Always carry the telephone numbers of our Bank / Branches.
  Please protect your ATM card from bending, scattering and direct exposure to sunlight, undue pressure, fire etc. on the magnetic strip.
   When your card as expired, please cut it across diagonally before disposal.