SMS Alert

SMS is a popular and widely used channel in mobile phones. It is ubiquitously available in all handsets irrespective of make and model and also GSM and CDMA enabled handsets. Most customers are very conversant with the SMS channel and use the same for various services including the short messaging.

Suvarnayug Bank continually adds banking services and facilities to its portfolio to ensure the comfort of its customers. With the same goal in mind, SMS Banking Services by Suvarnayug Bank have been introduced to allow customers to stay updated regarding their account activity. The SMS banking feature updates customers regarding any transaction immediately through text alerts. The benefits of SMS banking include but aren’t limited to convenience, safety, accessibility, and time-saving.

Keep a watch on your account with our round the clock SMS Banking service. Be in a smart position to detect any unauthorised access to your account. You can unsubscribe the service by visiting nearest branch and ATM. Once unsubscribed, you will not be charged from subsequent billing cycle.

Important Information:

Debit/Credit Card Transaction alerts sent as per regulatory guidelines


  Safety: All transactions above a value desired are intimated to you as and when they happen, so you are always kept updated on your transactions.
  Convenience: No need to queue in at branch or ATM to check your account.
  Updates: Get automatic updates on deposits/loan installments due and new products.
  Availability: This service is available from anywhere in the world, even when you are on the move.
  Reduce risk due to Frauds and Theft
  Inward clearing cheque Debit alerts
  Inward clearing cheque present alerts
  Deposit cheque credit alerts
  Inform Maturity date for Term deposit
  Inform loan installment due dates
  Birthday Wishes
  Aadhar mapping alerts
  Aadhar upload alert>

How to Register:

Registration for existing customers is simple. You can register your accounts for this facility by submitting the application to the branch or can also register at the time of account opening itself

How do I know when my salary has been credited to my account? When can I receive interest paid on my deposit account? How can I be sure that my money is completely safe and secure? How do I control my current account and plan future expenses?

No need to worry! Everything’s simple!

Register and get alerts for

  Any Credit / Debit transactions above the threshold limit (Rs. 500/-).
  Cheques issued.
  Cheques deposited.
  Cheques Present.
  Loan Installment Reminder.
  Term Deposit maturity reminder.


  • Q: What are Banking Alerts?
  • Banking alerts are notifications about transactional activities on your bank account. These alerts will be delivered to you via SMS.

  • Q: What are the benefits of Banking Alerts?
  • Banking alerts allows you can enjoy timely updates on your account activities and alerted in event of fraudulent transactions.

  • Q: What is the difference between Banking Alerts and SMS Banking?
  • You will receive SMS and/or banking alert when there have been transactions performed on your bank account.
    SMS Banking is a service that allows you to enquire and receive information on your savings or current accounts and credit card information via short text messaging.

  • Q: What are the Banking Alerts available?
  • Banking Related Alerts:
      Local or Overseas ATM Cash Withdrawal
      Local or Overseas Point-of-sale Transaction
      Account Balance
      Salary credit
      Bounced cheque
      Fund transfer

  • Q: I have terminated my mobile phone service. Will the Banking Alerts service be affected?
  • Yes. The Banking Alerts service will be affected. We ask that you unsubscribe from the Banking Alerts & SMS Banking service accordingly.

  • Q: I have changed my mobile phone number. Do I need to inform the Bank?
  • Yes, you need to update the Bank with the latest mobile phone number as we will be sending any alerts to the mobile number prerecorded in our system. To update your mobile number, you can visit any of our branches

  • Q: Will I be able to receive SMS alerts on most pre-paid phone service plans?
  • Yes, this service will work as long as your phone plan allows you to receive SMSes

  • Q: How many accounts can be linked to the Banking Alerts service?
  • All of your current, savings accounts and credit card accounts can be linked to the service.

  • Q: What security precautions should I take when using this Banking Alerts service?
  • As a good security practice, you may wish to delete any SMS you received from your mobile phone 'Inbox' folder as they may contain sensitive account related information.