Chairman's Message

Dear Sir / Madam,

Welcome to the e-version of the pleasant banking experience with Suvarnayug Co-Operative Bank Ltd. I appreciate the keen interest shown by you in our's bank.

As you might aware, ours is a bank with exemplary financial soundness and unmatched proven track record in terms of various parameters which reflects the cooperation and confidence shown in the bank by our esteemed members and valued clients.

Friends, I feel very proud in let you know that the management of The Bank has always taken a keen interest in providing quality services to our valued customers over the years. The Board of Directors is trying its best in keeping the bank in tune with the changing and challenging times. We always find newer and finer areas of providing state of the art services – in its true sense. For example, our bank is Providing Services of SMS to its Valuable members and customers as well as Mobile Banking Services, which are registered by their mobile number in the bank, have been providing services received by their own account balance within a few moments. The management has not turned around since then. Year after year, we have been providing the best service in the region. This e-version is a newer leaf in our rich service tree.

Indian Economy is passing through the tumultuous phase. Government is making adventurous financial reforms which is bringing Change in present systems. Bank has taken this Challenge as an opportunity, Bank has crafted a strategy to tackle all financial challenges being faced by the Urban Co-Operative banking sector.

Banking sector is most dynamic and growing sector of the economy, after adopting information technology, delivery channels of the banking services has galloped and is available 24*7 to its customer and also become catalyst for economic development of the country and vehicle for digital revolution as well. In view of the significance of technology.

On behalf of The Board of Directors of the bank, I assure you of our best services and strive for excellence. We do have quality staff equipped with best infrastructures to provide excellent customer services. I am sure, with this e-version of our services; you will enjoy the new era of high-tech banking experience.

We always welcome Customers feedback and useful suggestions.

With best wishes,

मा.श्री. हेमंत नारायणराव रासने