GREEN PIN, the green initiative & a value added service, offers an effortless and hassle free ATM PIN generation for existing as well as new debit card customers. Customers can set their ATM PIN for new debit cards instantly after receiving the debit card by visiting our Bank ATM. Customers can also make use of this functionality in case they forget their existing ATM PIN.

Follow simple steps given below to generate Debit Card PIN using any Suvarnayug Bank ATM:

 Customer goes to an ATM on Bank’s home network
 Swipes the ATM card which has been linked to respective account bu does not have a PIN
 The User interface at ATM has on option for generating Green PIN
 After customer selects the option of generating Green Pin, he is asked to enter mobile number registered with bank account
 ATM sends relevant request message to switch connected by Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) protocol
 Switch then verifies the mobile number at Bank’s CBS and fetches account number.
 The CMS of verifies linkage between the swiped card number and the fetched account number
 Witch generates an OTP securely and send a message format with OTP to linked SMS Service with Customer’s registered mobile number
 Customer enters OTP on ATM which is verified at FinCONNECT server
  After verification, customer can set a new 4 digit PIN on ATM screen which they have to enter and then re-enter for confirmation
  New ATM PIN is stored in FinCONNECT and new message is sent to customer’s mobile number confirming the setting of the PIN
  Customer can now use the set PIN for further transactions.

The features of the Green Pin are as under:

  Customer can reset their ATM PIN instantly using Green PIN solution.
  Green PIN generation on ATMs for existing and new customers.
  ATM PIN setup using Green PIN through own Bank ATMs.
  Green PIN OTP can be generated only on our Bank ATMs. The OTP validation can be done in our Bank ATMs.
  Green PIN OTP is only for one time usage with maximum 3 attempts. OTP will get expire after 3 wrong attempts & customer has to regenerate new OTP from our Banks ATM to set the new ATM PIN.
  Green PIN OTP will be 4 digits to support usage on our Banks ATM network.
  Secure, convenient, anywhere and anytime
  ATM Debit Card PIN creation is available 24*7

This facility is available for all Personalized Cards and duplicate ATM PIN where mobile number is registered in CBS.


  • Q: 1. What is Green PIN?
  • Green Pin has been introduced as a replacement for Physical Paper Pin mailers as Go Green initiative to save Paper and time. Cardholders can set their own Pin immediately for their Debit Cards, by means of OTPs sent to their Registered Mobile Numbers. Branches, have to opt for Green Pin while issuing New Card / Repin. After successful processing of the same by the branch, Card holders can visit any of the SUVARNAYUG BANK ATMs nearby and insert the Card, immediately an OTP (6 digits) will be generated and sent to Cardholder’s Registered Mobile. On receipt of OTP, Cardholders to insert the Card again and enter the OTP received in mobile. On entering the correct OTP, they will be provided with a screen to choose their own PIN. Customer to enter 4 digit PIN of his choice and confirm again by re-entering the same PIN to complete the process successfully.

    The main features of the Green Pin are:
    (i) OTP of 6 digits is sent to Registered Mobile Number(ii)
    (ii) It is valid onlyfor3minutes from its delivery(for security reasons)
    (iii) It can be used only once.
    (iv) It will work only in SUVARNAYUG BANK ATMs

  • Q: 2. How to set Green PIN?
  • Visit any of the SUVARNAYUG BANK ATM Insert the Card 6 digit OTP will be sent to Registered mobile After receipt of OTP, Insert the Card again and Enter OTP If OTP is correct then Screen prompts to enter 4 digit PIN of your choice and Confirm by Re-entering the New PIN again to complete the process. After successful Creation of New PIN Debit Card can be put to use.
  • Q: 3. In how much time is the OTP delivered on customer registered mobile number?
  • OTP will be delivered to the Customers registered mobile number within 1 minute. Green PIN generation should be completed within 3mins.
  • Q: 4. Customer has received the Green Pin OTP on registered mobile number, how can he/she set the
  • Q: 5. How much time it will take for generating Green PIN after applying in the branch?.
  • In the case of Re-Pin for existing Cards, Customers can generate Green PIN in Suvarnayug Bank ATMs immediately after successful processing of request by the Branch. In the case of issuance of New Cards, Green PIN Generation can be attempted only after activation of the new Card by the Branch.
  • Q: 6. Who are all eligible for Green PIN?
  • All the existing and new customers are eligible.
  • Q:7. What will happen if first transaction is tried in other bank ATM without setting Green Pin?
  • As Green PIN has not been generated for the card through Suvarnayug Bank ATMs, this card will not be recognised and “Invalid Card” message will be displayed.
  • Q: 8. If mobile number is not attached whether physical pin mailer can be obtained?
  • Yes, on specific request to the branch, Cardholder can opt for physical pin mailer, which will be generated at ATM Division , Central Office and will be sent to the branch.
  • Q: 9. What should be done If OTP is not received?
  • Non Receipt of OTP may be due to the following reasons.
    1. The particular mobile network signal may be weak inside the ATM Room.
    2. The mobile number registered in CBS may be different from mobile number registered for ATM Card.