Saving Account

About Saving Account:

You can use a Savings Account in order to deposit your savings in the form of liquidity. We provide a compatible interest rate on your funds. You can later benefit from a good monetary return with the help of this service. With a savings account at Suvarnayug Bank, you can benefit from extra returns. With us, interest on Savings Account will be calculated on Daily Product Basis. Moreover, all the services are offered to you with very simple terms and conditions and minimal charges, which makes our services easy and reliable.


  Convenient services
  Demand Draft (Local and outstation)
  Mobile & IMPS Banking facility, RTGS & NEFT
  Transaction Alerts with SMS
  Rupay ATM Cum Debit Card Facility with ₹ 25000/- daily withdrawal limit
  Statement of Account at monthly intervals by e-mail.
  Open a Savings Bank Account with us and avail Cheque Book facility
  Any Branch Banking

Who Can Open An Account:

  An Individual in his/her name.
  More than one person jointly
  An illiterate person
  A blind / visually Impaired / Incapacitated Persons
  A guardian on behalf of minor in the minor's name
  Clubs, Association, ( only if registered)
  Local bodies, all types of Co-operative Societies or any other body
  Student who has completed 14 year of Age.

Documents Required:

 Two copies of latest photographs
  Proof of residence to the satisfaction of the Bank (Passport, Driving License, Aadhar Card, Voters Card, Electricity Bill, etc.)
  Photo Identity Proof
  Permanent Account Number (PAN) with original for verification or declaration in Form 60/61.
  Initial deposit in cash
  Charges at the rate prescribed will be debited to the account on quarterly basis for non-maintenance of prescribed minimum balance.
  Bank reserves the right to close any account, if cheques drawn are returned unpaid frequently for want of funds or the account is considered as irregular/non-satisfactory
  Account not in operation for more than 2 years will be treated as inoperative/dormant account.

  Bank reserves the right to alter, amend, and rescind the rules from time to time.


Interest will be calculated @ 3.00% p.a. on the basis of Daily Product and will be credited to the account at every quarterly intervals in March , June , September and December.

Pass Book:

Pass book will be supplied to every savings Bank depositor showing his/her account number, Name, address, transactions with date, amount and particulars.


Applicable for interest earned more than Rs. 50,000/- for senior citizen account and for more than Rs. 40,000/- for others.

Minimum Balance:

If a minimum balance of Rs.500/- & 1000/- (for all accounts without/with cheque book facility) is not kept, the Bank will charge incidental charges at the rates as in force from time to time. Initial cash Deposit for opening Savings Bank Account & minimum balance to be maintained in the account :

ABB Transactions:-

Withdrawal limit in a day is Rs.50, 000/ and for third party limit of Rs.25, 000/- in a day.