Electronic Banking, Internet Safety, Safety & Security Your Security in Online Banking

To minimize risks resulting from Identity Theft or Identity Fraud, we recommend the following precautions

Your Security in Online Banking :

Suvarnayug Co-operative Bank is committed to preserving and protecting your information and will NEVER telephone you, send you an email, or otherwise ask you for your Online Banking credentials on an unsolicited basis. To minimize risks resulting from Identity Theft or Identity Fraud, we recommend using precautions listed below for our customers who use Online Banking.

  Review your accounts daily and Contact Us immediately of any suspicious transactions
  Make sure your Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware software is current
  Use firewalls on your computer to protect from outside intrusion or hackers
  Create strong sign-on ID and passwords, that is, use a combination of numbers and upper and lower case letters and special symbols
  Memorize your passwords and DO NOT share them with anyone
  Use a different sign-on ID and password for your financial websites
  Never open emails from unknown sources
  Never click on links if you do not know the source

In addition to the above, Business Online Banking customers can minimize their risks by:

  Using stand-alone computers for your Business Online Banking
  Scanning your network periodically to identify harmful programs
  Knowing what your employees are doing with their workstations and limit access to sites with high potential for fraud such as social networking, shopping, online gaming, etc.
  Educating employees periodically on the threats to your business and proper e-mail handling
  Performing a related risk assessment and controls evaluation periodically

Please Contact Us if you notice suspicious account activity or experience customer information security-related events.